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assam tourism

About Assam:
 The stunning grandeur of its dense tracts of tropical orests,interspersed with emerald patchwork quilts of paddy and lush tea gradens, showcase the lifegiving largesse of the mighty River Brahmaputra that dominates the world of this land and its people.'Son of Brahma' the greater river that wends its way from the Mansarovar Lake in the higher reaches of the Tibetan plateau through Arunachal and on to the plains of Assam ,the second largest state in the North East The alluvial plains of the Assam valley (100 km at its widest enjoy an abundance of natural riches.The states is the largest producer of timber and tea in the country and it has oldest oil refinery in India.

Assam, often called the gateway to North-East India

Assam the rich, green land of rolling plains and dense forests is the gateway to the north eastern part of India. The mighty Brahmaputra river that has its origins in Tibet charts its majestic course through this state. This mystic land of eternal blue hills and beautiful rivers is renowned for its tea, rich flora and fauna, the world famous one horned rhinoceros and other rare species of wildlife on the verge of extinction. Barring Africa, there is perhaps no part of the world where such a variety of wildlife exists

The people of Assam are in fact the result of fusion of people from different racial stocks who migrated to Assam down the ages. The Assamese population can be divided into two broad groups : the non-tribal people who constitute the majority and the tribals.

The state is peopled by a large number of tribal groups; major among them being the Boro-Kacharis, the Deori, the Misings, the Dimassas, the Karbis, the Lalungs, the Rabhas etc. Ahkhomiya or Assamese is the language of Assam. Assam has a reputation for warm hospitality. People of Assam are homely, charming and openhearted

Assam Temple:
The Kamakhya Temple dominates the life of Guwahati, as much as does the great Brahmaputra River. One of the most revered shrines of the hindu faith, the temple is located on neelachal hill. The temple offers grandstand views of brahmaputra and its surroundings. The reigning deity here is Goddess Pravati(sati).

The Nabagraha Temple on Chitranchal hill,is an important center for the study of astronomy and astrology.Located in jorpukhuri,the ugratara temple is dedicated to an incarnation of goddess kali. The Dirgheshwari Temple is dedicated to an avatar of goddess durga.The Ashvaklanta Temple offers superb views of the city against the brahmaputra river.


Kaziranga National Park:

The oldest park in Assam,kaziranga, on the south bank of the brahmaputra river,is world famous for its great indian one-horned rhinoceros, of which there are aplenty.Spred across 430 sq km, it is a dazzling mosaic of dense rain-forest, tall elephant grass and swathes of reeds interspersed with vast tracts of marshes and shallow pools that are a favourits haunt of this celebrity pre-historic beast.This national park is 217 km from Guwahati and 96 km from jorhat.

Manas National Park:

Manas national park, a project tiger reserve and a world heritage site, is 176 km north-west of guwahati.Other denizens of the dense jungles here are the one-horned rhinos, tigers, hispid hare, gaurs,pygmy hogs and rare golden langurs.it's a paradise for birdwatchers for it has a stunning selection of opportunities.You can stay at the forest bungalow at mathunguri inside the forest.

Nameri National Park:

straddling the lush vistas of assam and arunachal pradesh, NAMERI NATIONAL PARK is ideal for a leisurely angling vacation.The mabseer of this region is legendary,particulary the golden mabseer.You can also go river rafting. Nameri is also home to the clouded leopard,tiger,indian bison and capped langur amongst its wild inhabitants.

Orang National Park:

With conditions as ideal as Kaziranga, ORANG NATIONAL PARK(150 km from guwahati) its miniature edition, is home to th one-horned rhino.

If you're short on time you can visit the PABITORA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (close to Guwahati) to see the one-horned rhino. 


Marking the beginning of agricultural season is Assam's most important festival bihu.It is celebrated during mid-april with much pomp and gaiety.
Baishagu:Celebrated during mid-April, Baishagu is the most cherished festival of boro tribe and heralds the New Year.


is the colourful annual festival of Mishing tribe .It is held on the first wednesday of the month of 'Ginmur Polo'(February-March).The ceremonial sowing of paddy starts on this day.

Rongker, the most important festival of the Karbis, is celebrated in April to Propitiate different gods and goddesses for the well being of the entire village.

Celebrated with pomp and show during January -February.

Best time to visit :
From October to May. The torrential monsoon period (from june to september) is best avoided as the swollen brahmaputra causes havoc in its wake. 
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