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himachal tourism

Himachal Tourism
About Himachal:- H imachal Pradesh is one of the most important tourist destinations in India. Himachal Pradesh is an enchanting part of the Indian Himalayas and is often referred to as the magical showcase of nature's splendors.The high mountains of the Himalayas welcome trekkers from all over the world, The state has many hill stations, pilgrimage sites, adventure sports destinations, and unique flora and fauna.

The State is bordered by Jammu & Kashmir on North, Punjab on West and South-West, Haryana on South, Uttar Pradesh on South-East and China on the East.

Culture:-The people of Himachal Pradesh have a rich culture which is very much apparent in their day to day lives. The colourful dresses of Himachalis will strike you instantly as you make your way through the state.People gather in a circle in village fairs and dance to the tune of these songs. The dancing is usually spontaneous during a village fair and is symbolic of the peace and joy of the people. Most of the people in Himachal are Hindus. There is a sizable number of Buddhists who live in Himachal. The temple architecture has also been influenced by local constraints such as availability or lack of availability of certain construction materials. Most of the upper hill temples are made of wood.

Fair and Festivals:-
JANUARY :- Halda,Winter Carnival,Lohri or Maghi,Phagli,Makar Sankrati

FEBRUARY :- Basant Panchmi,Baba Barbhag Singh Mela,Navratre,

MARCH :- Holi,Shivratri Fair,Nalwari Fair,Bala Sundri Fair

APRIL :- Baisakhi,Sui Fair,Chait

MAY :- Dhoogri Fair,IPSI Fair,Hang gliding

JUNE :- Solan Fair,Ghantal Festival,

JULY:- Ladarcha Fair,Haryali Festival,

AUGUST :- Pauri Festival,The Shrawan Fair,Dal Fair,Manimahesh Yatra,Gugga Fair,Minjar Fair

SEPTEMBER :-Navratre,

OCTOBER :- Phool Yatra,Dussehra,

NOVEMBER :- Renuka Fair,Lavi Fair,

DECEMBER :- Christmas:-

Tourist Attractions:- Himachal Pradesh, the land of enchanting part of the Indian Himalayas and the magical showcase of nature’s splendors offers numerous tourist destinations to the tourist coming from all over the world. Some of the major tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh are The Ridge and The Mall and Kufri in Shimla, Kalpa and Baspa Valley in Kinnaur, Sangla Valley on the right bank of Baspa river,

Tabo in Lahaul Spiti, Pin Valley, Lingti Valley, Kunzum Pass, Ki, Kie or Key Monastery, Keylong, Gondhla, Tandi, Suketi Fossil Park etc.

wildlife attraction:- In Himachal Pradesh, out of the total geographical area of 55,670 sq km, the forest area the forest area stretches up to 37,691 sq km. At present there are 32 Sanctuaries, 2 National Parks and 3 Games Reserves. With 64 species of mammals, 463 species of birds, 43 species of reptiles and 516 species of aquatic fauna teeming among over 3240 species of plants, the wildlife in Himachal Pradesh is worth its fame and unfolds an interestingly varied eco-system, for the wildlife enthusiast, the indefatigable trekker and the romantic tourist, an endless quest. The wildlife in Himachal Pradesh is concentrated in the depths of its sanctuaries and national parks.

Best time to visit:- April to june is the best time to visit the Himachal pradesh.

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