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north india tourism

About North India Tourism:
Rajasthan,Himachal pradesh,Uttar pradesh , jammu kashmir and Delhi are some of the most important states in the nothern sector of India.India's capital city ,Delhi is the second most widely used entry point into the country,being on the route of most major airlines.It is well linked by rail ,air,and road to all parts of the country.The remains of seven distinctive capital city -among them sahajahanabad and qutab minar- can be seen.Here , museums art, galleries and cultural centres attract the finest exhibitions and performances from India and abroad.Shopping encompasses virtually everything that can be bought in the country;hotels range from the deluxe to more modest .Most fascinating of all the character of Delhi which varies from the 13th century mausolea of the lodi king set in a sprawling park to ultra modern chrome and glass skycrapers , and from imperial india's parliament house and the president palace to the never ending bustle of the walled city surrounding jama masjid.Delhi also makes the ideal base for a series of excursions to neighbouring places ,all connected by road .

Bharatpur is famous for its 29 sq km bird sanctuary which has the largest concentration and varieties of bird life in asia Throughout the year Bharatpur native population of tree and waterbirds can be seen , the later breeding in July -august.However the sanctuary has gained world wide attention as being the winter home of several migratory species including the endangered siberian crane.Also in rajasthan is the wild life century of Sariska ,where a royal hunting lodge has been converted into a hotel .Sariska wildlife includes the tiger,panther,deer,and antelope.

Agra,and the nearby city of Fatepur sikri, are conveniently closed to Delhi to warrant an all day excursion by coach or taxi although there are several hotels of every standard of comforts.Besides the TAJ MAHAL are agra fort , sikandra,rambagh and Itmad-UD -daulah.35 kms away are the imerial ruins of the mughal city ,Fatehpursikri.Agra and Fatehpursikri are not merely rich legacies of mughal history -there are finest examples of architecture which combine Hindu and muslim elements.

In uttarpradesh, Lucknow was associated with the princely court of OUDH and then with the british ,both traditions lingering on in the city whose finest monuments is the Bara imambara.Further east , VARANASI is the oldest city in India .An important centre of Hindu pilgrimage ,it is believed that those who die in varanasi will be released from the cycle of re birth .Pious hindus still come to varanasi who spend their last days ,living in spartan communes run by a multitude of religious trusts .The focus of interest to visitor is the sacred river Ganga .At the series of steps leading down to it ,people come to wash away their sins by bathing in the river,the dead are cremated and holy men meditate .In the narrow bylanes of the city are crowded bazaars selling brasswares and silk brocades.

Jammu and Kashmir india's fascinating northern most state consist of three regions differring in topography and culture.Jammu was the strong hold of Hindu Dogra kings and abounds with popular temples and secluded forest retreats.kashmir's capital city ,Srinagar offers delightful holidays on the lakes with their shikaras and house boats.Ladakh is the northern most province of the state ,with a bleak terrain of barren mountains.Hilltop monastery and a colorful way of life , completely at one with the sorrounding, make ladakh one of the best living traditions of the tibetan budhism in the world today. 

Rajasthan ,India's desert state ,was once a collection of princely kingdoms where feudal traditions still carry on amidst forts and palace hotels.The capital city,jaipur,was the stronghold of a clan of rulers whose three hill forts and series of palaces in the city are important attraction . known as the pink city because of the color of the stone used exclusively in the walled city,jaipur's bazaars sells embroidery leather shoes , blue portery , tie and die scarves and other exotic wears.
Western Rajasthan itself forms a convenient circuits ,in the heart of the thar Desert which has saved its history ,life styles and architecture.Jodhpur exquisitely lovely fort ,now a museum ,art deco royal palace concverted into a hotel,and quaint markets ,all vividly testify to the history of the princely state.Jaisalmer,in the heart of the desert is sorrounded by sand dunes which rendered the sand colour fort impregnably.Today it is an inhabited city whose chief attraction is lacy filigree of pierced stone work facades of private houses,and a series of ornately carved jain temples.Bikaner too has echoes of the past in its sand stone palace,temples and cenotaphs.
In the north of Rajasthan ,Shekhavati is approachable by road from jaipur .The greatest attraction here are the deserted mansions of local merchants decorated with a profusion of wall paintings.The subject and style vary greatly and are not encountered elsewhere in India .Nearby dundlod and mandawa are forts ,now converted into charming hotels . 

Seldom visited Bundi is remarkable for its palace ,forts and galleries of its fine frescoes,exicuted in style for which the state is famous .Approachable by road from jaipur are Ajmer and Puskar .Ajmer preminence is due to shrine of a muslim saint who is belived to fulfill ones wishes.Nearby Puskar has one of the very few temples dedicated to Brahma the creator .The sleepy town with its placid lake is catapulted into prominence for 10 days every november as India's most splendid Camel fair takes place here, attended by thousands of locals flashing jewellery and exuding color.For the thousand of tourists who visit Pushkar , accommodation is in the form of tents which cater to all budgets. 

Himachal pradesh is a tiny hill state whose pleasant summers make it a popular holiday resort.The raj still lingers in SHIMLA, the sate capital and former summer capital during british rule.Kullu-Manalli are neighbouring resorts ,sorrounded by pine covered hills and lush meadows.Himachal has in addition to popular resort towns, a series of secluded hill retreats ideal for interested anglers,trekkers, and those wanting a quite gateway.Many of these include:from shimla-Mashobra,Kufri,Naldehra;those around Kullu -Manali include Manikaran,Naggar and Brighu lake;the barely accessible valleys of Lahaul and Spiti are a trekker's delight. 

In Madhya pradesh ,Gwalior is the state's northern most city and a convenient entry point.Gwalior's landmark is its hilltop forte which contains a fine museum and an ancient temple., among other monuments.120 kms from Gwalior is the mediaval city of ORCHA with exquisite palaces and cenotaphs.Built by an 11th century kings of Bundela dynasty, Orcha is now a a ghost city containing remains of what must have been once spectacularly lovely monuments and which combine hindu and muslim architectural traditions.Shivpuri atop a plateau ,contains two picturesque lakes and a national parks that abounds in species of deer and antelope.Khajuraho ,an obscure village , no more than a clearing in the jungle , now captures world attention for its 22 temples built by rulers of the Chandela dynasty.Each temple built of stone , is distinguished by carved spires and walls, where the subjests range from aesthetic depiction of major and minor deities and celestial beings to a variety of errotic sculptures.Please see our itinerary section and plan your trip accordingly.

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