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nepal tourism

Nepal & Bhutan
Nepal: Sorrounded by Himalayan snow peaks and blue mountains, Kathmandu, the sangri-la city of Nepal ,is the cradle of nepalese civilisation and culture.The city stands as a living museum of ancient temples , palaces, shrines, and courtyards.The valley has an exotic setting .It consists of three main town Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur.The valley covers an area of 218 sq miles an situated 4423 ft. above the sea level.The seven world heritage sites in the kathamandu are the highlights of the valley.

Nagarkot and Dhulikhel: are also the most highlighted places to visit in Nepal.Nagarkot,situated at a height of 2900 metres above sea level , is visited for viewing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.Ganesh Himal, Gauri shanker and Everest can also be seen from here.Dhulikhel,the old township lies beyond the eastern rim of the valleys with comfortable lodgings for extended trips.Mountain hikers can enjoy an excellent ride .

Pokhara: is a rare combination of the long arryas of snowclad peaks, crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers, with deep gorges and picturesque villages inhabited by simple and friendly ethnic people.The moment you step into any part of pokhara, the first thing that takes you to immediate delight is the gorgeous view of the gigantic mountains

Pokhara, is infact ,the first and foremost convenient point of for mountain oriented sightseeing.Mt Annapurna , literally means the goddess of abundant harvest lies of a horizontal distances of 40 kms from the valley of Pokhara.Also adding to the delight is the view , of Manaslu and Himalchuli in the east.A long panoramic view of the mountains from Dhaulagiri in the west to ganesh himal in the east is also fascinating.

Other major attraction in Pokhara also include the twin lakes "Begnas and Rupa" river gorges, Mahendra caves, Barahi temples, Setigandaki,Devis fall, "the hell's fall"and ancient bazaar and museum can be a bonus in your tenure of visit of the valley.

Royal Chitwan national park:-Nepal's first and most famous national park is situated in the Chitwan Doon or the lowlands of the inner Terrai.Covering an area of 932 sq.km,the park includes hilly areas of silwalik range covered by decidiuos sal forest .A fifth of the park is made up of the flood plains of the Narayani,Rapti and the Reu rivers and is covered by dense tall, elephant grass interspersed with riverine forests of silk , cotton(Kapok),accasia and sisam trees.This ecologically diverse area is the last remaining home in Nepal for mare than 300 of the endangered Asian one horned rhinoceros and harbours one of the largest populations of elusive and rare Royal Bengal tiger.It also supports a great variety of flora and fauna.There are more than 43 species of mammals in the park.The swampy areas and numerous ox-bow lakes of Chitwan provide a home for marsh crocodile.One unique Chitwan experience is Elephant back safaris.For the more adventurous and thrill loving tourists , Nepal offers excellent opportunities for trekking, hot air balloning, rafting , kayaking, and mountain bilikng.

Bhutan:The literal meaning of the word "Bhutan " implies -"the end of the Tibet".the bhutanese themselves refer to their country as Drukyul or "the land of peaceful dragon".Bhutan is a protetected paradise ,pouched between Indian and China(Tibet).The land is famous for its mind blowing exotic flora and fauna,mighty fortress, lofty peaks, and cascading waterfalls.

Phuntoshiling:It is the gateway of bhutan .On the top of the hills the Kharabandi monastery lands , a spectacular view of the plains.,the amochu river (Torsha) , is an adeal picnic and fishing spot.

Thimpu:One of the most unusual and charming capital city in the world, at an altitute of 7600 ft.On the way from phuentshoiling to this place , you can also get a spectacular view of the hydro electric project"Chhukha" and gigantic waterfalls.A short distance from thimphu, is the Royal palace

Paro:Situated at an altitude of 7000ft,this is the air gateway to the land of "peaceful Dragon"-Bhutan.The air trip is an unforgetable experience, as one flies over the world's most glamaorous and enchanting peaks.The beautiful terrace valley is the homeland of many historical monasteries like the "Taktsang" or "Tiger nest".THe national museums is located in an ancient watched tower and you can find here a variety of collections that includes ancient Bhutanese art n crafts, weapons and stamps etc.

Punakha:The former capital of Bhutan , is ornamented with abundant fruits,, crops , and extremely pleasant climates.The road to punakha branches of left and curls its way down the valley to the relatively low lands.A further ten minutes short of the hour drive from Punakha brings you to the little town of "wangdiphodrang" or "wangdi".It is the best town on the central highways, before Central Bhutan.The decorum of the town lies in the rich cattle pastures.Below the rich cattle pastures at the junction of Togchu and Mochu rivers is a striking dzong which guards this windy valleys.The wangdiphrodrang Dzong is the town's most visible feature.

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