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orissa art culture

Come with The Dove on a journey to the fascinating state of Orissa -Land of Myths & Legends, Exotic and Unexplored, washed by the depth of the Bay of Bengal, cradled by the Eastern Ghats. See the land of an exciting blend of aesthetics and religion.Witness rural craftsmen and artists carving traditional stone and wood sculptures, etching palm leaves with intricate sacred designs, painting elaborate canvaces with scenes from the ancient Indian epics. See artisans hammering brass vessles or casting images in bronze, potters making eggshell-thin vessels, or sculpting figurines in clay.Meet the real people of Orissa and savour their hospitality; even eat a delicious meal prepared carefully and safely in a traditional home. Learn about the thoughts, beliefs and hopes of the people. Visit their shrines and temples and experience their rituals and ceremonies . Complement your village adventures with the tours of the beautiful monuments and the temples of Puri, Bhubaneswar and Konark This triangle contains some of India's most beautiful temples ranging from monolithic cave temples of 2nd century BC to carved fantasies in stone of Bhubaneswar and Puri (7th -13th century temples).See the sun temple of Konark and its famous erotic sculptures.

This World Heritage Site was built in the 13th century, in the golden era of Orissan art From the temple itself we can trace the emergence of Orissan history and sculpture. Every exquisite sculpture here has its own meaning.Come to the city of temples, Bhubaneswar where as many as 1000 temples existed at one point of time . Many of these are still intact and they record the Kalinga Style of architecture from inception to maturity. Visit the Santi Stupa - the hallowed site of the famous Kalinga war which once turned the river Daya, red with the blood of Oriya soldiers and finally made the emperor Ashoka embrace BudhismFind the Ashokan rock edicts immortalizing the historical events. Also find the Jain monasteries on the twin caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri. Puri, the spiritual capital of Orissa,revolves around the daily life Lord Jagannath -Literally, " The Lord of the Universe". Spirituality here is tangible - palpable. The Car festival (Ratha Jatra) in June/July provides first hand experience of the rapture involved in the Jagannath cult. Let the DOVE make your Orissa tour a lifetime experience ART , CRAFT AND HANDLOOMS OF ORISSA

Orissa has a distinction for its exquisite silver filigree work known as Tarakasi in oriya language. The city of Cuttack is famous for it and is called as the silver city. It is an intricate process being specialised by artisans of the trade. Silver is melted in a mould and poured into a narrow tray, beaten on an anvil and elongated into a tar or hairlike wire by passing it through a steel plate wire gauge. Then the two thin wires are welded together, pressed and flattened till they look like one wire . Then it is bent to various shapes by artisan's nimble fingers. Flower , leaf, wheel, chariot , horses , birds, boxes, trays and different ornaments are made by silver filigree which attracts the attention of customers. Brass and Bell Metal ware

In very Oriya household one would find the artistry of brass and bell metal ware being used in daily life. Drawing room articles, kitchen ware, temple articles are fine examples of this orissan atr. Balakati, Belaguntha, Bhuban and Kantilo are famous for bellmetal craftsmen and their extraordinary craftsmanship. Dhokra metal ware is another beautiful craft of orissa's people. It is a tribal art form of Dhenkanal;Alloy, brass or zinc is melted on a clay model and threading is done by the waxing process. when thread is removed it leaves an indelible pattern in metal. Images of animals, birds and traditional variety dominate in this art form. Stone and Wood Carving (Ivory) : Stone carving is an age old craft of orissa. The carved products include replicas of temples, images of gods and goddesses, the konark wheel and horse, decorative figures like Alas Kanya, Salabhanjika or a lady leaning against a sal branch, Surasundari or heavenly beauty, Lekhika or lady writing a letter etc. are popular items of household decoration. Wood carvings of orissa are almost equally popular. They have a district orissan style which is different from products of other states. Pattachitra : The miniature paintings pattachitra are now used as wall hangings. The pattachitra are paintings on cloth. Small strips of cloth are prepared for painting by coating of a mixture of glue and chalk which results in a leathery finish. The outlines are then drawn directly in red and yellow. Then other colours are painted. The patta is given a lacquer coating to protect it from climatic effects. For the process of varnishing and glazing, the back of the painting is exposed to heat while a fine layer of lacquer is brushed on the painting itself . In Orissa even today the chitrakaras or painters use vegetable and mineral colours and brush that is used for painting is also totally domestic or manmade.

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