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orissa tourism

Orissa Tourism
Cradled by the eastern ghats, situated in the eastern coast of India,orissa is one of the most beautiful states in India .With its Beautiful sandy beaches ,fabulous wild life ,it is still relatively one of the most unexplored parts of eastern India.Lets come with us and discover this land of myths and legends.

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Orissa Cultural Tour:

Come with The Dove on a journey to the fascinating state of Orissa -Land of Myths & Legends, Exotic and Unexplored, washed by the depth of the Bay of Bengal, cradled by the Eastern Ghats. See the land of an exciting blend of aesthetics and religion.Witness rural craftsmen and artists carving traditional stone and wood sculptures, etching palm leaves with intricate sacred designs, painting elaborate canvaces with scenes from the ancient Indian epics.Visit Orissa Cultural Tour:

Orissa wildlife Tour:

Travel to Orissa to have an experience with its virgin beaches, heavenly art architecture as well as adventurous jungle trek/stays.Similipal tiger reserve, Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary and Nalaban bird sanctuary inside lake Chilika offer you another facet of this state. Natures' abundance would captivate you and the romance of the jungle would unfold right in front of your eyes when you stay at one of the forest houses deep inside the Similipal range.A big cat or two, a horde of wild elephants and may be a leopard or two might try to befriend you! Confront gigantic crocodiles or Olive Ridley turtles at Bhitarakanika. Lake Chilika offers both the serenity of vastness and the cacophony of siberian migrant birds in winter. Load your cameras and shoot at sight.Visit Orissa wildlife Tour:

Orissa Textile orissa:

Visit to the western orissa , one of the least visited parts of India . Discover the beautiful villages .Meet the real people , savour their hospitality .YOu will find the tradition & culture of western orissa , quite different from that of its costal orissan villages .The western orissa is also famous for its weavers communities .The many thousands of weavers of orissa, clustered in small communities throughout the state, create silk and cotton ikat fabrics that have an individuality of their own and are unrivalled in the world.we welcome you to visit the textile belt of orissa where you can also meet the highly specialised weavers who work in their own disinct style .Visit Orissa Textile orissa:

Orissa Itinerary
Top 12 Responsible Travel Tips For travellers:

  • Before leaving home learn as much as possible about the countries you are visiting – the religion and culture, the local rules and values.
  • Learn some language and don’t be afraid to use it – simple pleasantries will help break the ice. Keep practising.
  • Support locally owned businesses, hotels, restaurants and other services. Eat local food and drink local brands and brews.
  • Think first. It’s best not to eat in restaurants, shop in stores or visit local shows, markets or zoos that promote cruelty or exploitation of endangered species.
  • Shop from traditional artisans and for locally made products, helping keep traditional crafts alive and favour local products over imported items. Bargain if that is a local practice, but bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.
  • Dress respectfully with an awareness of local standards. Dress modestly at religious sites and check what swim wear is suitable for pools and the beach.
  • Always ask first before photographing or videoing people.
  • Be wary of giving gifts or money to beggars, children and people you have just met. Leave only footprints…take care of the environment as you would your own home. Take out all you take in, to areas away from the cities. Use alternatives to plastic and say ‘No’ to plastic bags. For cigarette butts, an empty film container makes a perfect portable container.
  • Smile and have fun!
Do's & Don'ts guidelines for the Travellers:

  • Don't try to explore the remote area of your own. For organizing your trip always first take the necessary permission from the government authority & use the services of tour Operator.
  • Don't promote any kind of unethical practices . As a responsible traveler you should respect the various laws & regulation of this country .
  • Don't display overt affection in public places with the member of opposite sexes.
  • Don't carry much cash with you. In every nook of a town you'll find ATMs.
  • Do take care of your documentation. .You should always keep the Original passport with you & carry few copies of your passport that may be required in many places during your journey .
  • Do dress modestly if you are female. Indian dresses are colorful and cover the whole body but may be awkward for the first timer. So you can stick to your western clothing but avoid skimpy dresses.
  • Do study up on the places you wish to visit – it will not only bring knowledge but also an appetizer for future travel.
  • Do greet people with big smile & Namaste . Handshake with ladies especially in rural areas should be avoided.
  • Do cover yourself with Travel & Health insurance.
  • Do take care of your luggage even at the first class compartment,while traveling in the train,
  • Do exchange money only through authorize banks or money changers.
  • Do immunized yourself against various diseases like typhoid, malaria, hepatitis and tetanus that are prevalent in India.If you are on medication, & please remember to have adequate supply of both prescriptions and medicines. Carry a doctor's certificate to avoid possible problems with customs procedures and also with local doctors. .

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