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TO Orissa with The Dove and you are guaranteed virgin beaches, heavenly art architecture as well as adventurous jungle trek/stays.Similipal tiger reserve, Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary and Nalaban bird sanctuary inside lake Chilika offer you another facet of this state. Natures' abundance would captivate you and the romance of the jungle would unfold right in front of your eyes when you stay at one of the forest houses deep inside the Similipal range.A big cat or two, a horde of wild elephants and may be a leopard or two might try to befriend you! Confront gigantic crocodiles or Olive Ridley turtles at Bhitarakanika. Lake Chilika offers both the serenity of vastness and the cacophony of siberian migrant birds in winter. Load your cameras and shoot at sight.Let The Dove take you to all these destinations in style, cool and hassle free. 

The ecological changes and the environmental factors from region to region make orissa's wildlife as exiting as it is varied.It is also a major reason why so many important projects for the conservation of wild life have met with so much success that the state still has vast tracks of land which have been protected from the onslaught of man's devastating ways.Today orissa's numerous sanctuaries , both large and small , play an important role , while affording a great deal of pleasure to wildlife enthusiasts .Similipal national park,Bhitarkanika , Gahirmatha and Chilka have established their names on the international map while sunabeda ,Kotagarh,,Karlapat,Debrigarh,Baisipalli, and Hadgarh sanctuaries do excellent service to their wild inhabitants 

Similipal sanctuary and national park,about 2750 sq kms expanse , in the mayurbhanj district , is one of the most important wild life parks in the country.Similipal has over 150 tigers within its bound.Leopards, elephants, mugger crocodiles and numerous reptiles abound here.Over 230 species of birds have made their homes amongst its forests and waterways..

Apart from the wonderful wild life, tourists get an excellent bonus of lush valleys and forest lands.The Barehipani waterfall(399 mts) and the Joranda fall (150 mts) are well worth a visit as is the mugger crocodiles at Joshipur, one of the two entry points to similipal.the other one is Lulung, fully equipped with a forest lodge.The best time to visit the similipal park is from november to June.

Bhitarkanika sanctuary and national park, located in the country's second largest mangrove forest in orissa's coastal belt, has protected the estuarine crocodile since 1975.Further down at Gahirmatha,the Giant Olive redley Sea turtles travelling anually from south America come to nest by millions.Special arrangements are made , to ensure that this annual rituals continues unabated , by converting this region into a national park in 1998.Numerous migratory birds come to nest amogst the large mangrove islands.Dongmal, the base for Bhitarkanika , is three hours motor lunch journey from both ,

Chandbali and Rajnagar.Chilka lake, Asia's largest brackish water lake ,is located about 100 kms from Bhubaneswar .Anarrow isthumus separates chilka from the waters of the bay of Bengal.Spread over an area of 1100 sq. kms it was a declared a sanctuary in 1987.Winter is the lovliest time at Chilka, with thousands of migratory birds flying in from as far off as Siberia to make their winter sojourn in strange waters..The waters come alive with their raucous cries and colourful plumage as the birds battled to find space to make their new homes.While the lake's Nalabana island has been declared as a sanctuary for its varied flora , fauna Kalijai island is home to Goddess kalijai and the venue for annual Makar Mela.Chital and black buck roam freely on the scrubby shores while Dolphins gambol play fully in the foam of the churning waters. The best time to visit Chilaka is from -september to march.SatKosia gorge(Tikarpada) sanctuary, has one of the splendid settings in the world.It offers some of the most exciting visuals of the satkosia goge, India's mightiest gorge, into which torbulent Mahanadi river crashes with amazing ferocity through 22 kms of emerald forests , that seem to change their hues with every bend of the river's meanderings.Apart from offering gorgeous views from the pinnacles of the sorrounding hills , there is an excellent potentials for angling, boating and trekking around these parts. The gharial population obviously enjoys these exotic environs and has an excellent breeding place in this sanctuary created to protect them.Badrama (Usakothi) sanctuary, is a small sanctuary established in 1987.. only 48 kms away from sambalpur.Tiger, elephant, samber,leopard, and bison make their home amongst the deciduous forests that share ground with sal , sandalwood, arjun, neem, acacia, and casuarina.Visitors can get a close -up of the animals from the watch towers placed near the watering holes.Best time to visit is from september to april.Karlapat and Kotgarh are also important sanctuaries that abounds in wild life.Besides the popular sanctuaries and national parks , the tribal belt of orissa is also the home of tigers . panthers , leopards elephants and offers an excellent opportunity to , the nature reveller and adventurer ,to enjoy the deep forest covers and incredible wild life.

Orissa Wild Life Tour

Duration : 3 to 12 days

Itinerary Covers Bhubaneswar, Chandabali, Bhitarkanika, Wildlife Sanctuary, Ekkakula Beach (Nesting Ground For Redley Sea Turtles), Chandipur, Baripada, Lulung, Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Joshipur,Tikarpada,chilka Bhubaneswar.

Transportation Car / Jeep / Coach and mechanized motor lunch.

Accomodation : Forest Rest House and Hotel. 

Best Time to Visit : 1st October to 15th April.  

You can combine this tour with any other tour programme(ie wildlife plus tribal tour)

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